Meal Plans

February Week 3 Meal Plan

This weekend we are together with family which is why this post is later and why we have nothing planned for this weekend because even if we are home for dinner tomorrow night, we'll likely have leftovers  :) so I am covered.This week's menu is a really good example of what happens when you over… Continue reading February Week 3 Meal Plan

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2019 Goals February Check In

I desire accountability in my life...sometimes. But this feels like a safe place to do it since I'm mostly keeping myself accountable. I've decided that I would jump on here the beginning of each month...Lord willing...and give an update on how my 2019 goals are looking so far that point in the year. As a… Continue reading 2019 Goals February Check In

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Happy New Year…a tribute to 2018

I think a lot of times in life I find myself focused ahead... What's my next goal? What is the next benchmark to reach? What is the next thing to achieve? What's the next fun thing to plan? That means I'm sometimes bad at slowing down and reflecting. Don't get me wrong... I could sit… Continue reading Happy New Year…a tribute to 2018

Cooking Through A Cookbook

Leek Fritters with Garlic and Lemon

Recipe 43 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman I am happy to say that this recipe is actually more waistline friendly then the last few were so for my WW peeps out there (ugh to the new name...consumer panels are your friends Weight Watchers!)... this is for you. These come out to 1… Continue reading Leek Fritters with Garlic and Lemon