Essential Oils

Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice

So, I recently joined the doTERRA community and became a wellness advocate. Another novice status I apparently want to add to my resume is essential oil guru in training! There is so much out there about essential oils and I'm very interested in what they can offer our family since my husband and I prefer… Continue reading Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice

My Cooking Diaries · Resolution Recipe Series

Almond Date Breakfast Bars Review

Recipe 7 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman WW Note: enjoy one of these 16 bars (2 inch square) for 6 points. Getting caught up on recipes and posts before school starts up so here’s the last one I have in the queue that I’m getting around to posting about. These bars are… Continue reading Almond Date Breakfast Bars Review