Essential Oils

Immunity Bomb

I haven't posted about oils in a little while and that's because were using them so often it's become less of a "new" experience and more of a way of life for us. That's a good thing! But I know passing our experiences along is what's going to really help me remember what I'm learning.… Continue reading Immunity Bomb

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Big Cluster Maple Granola Review

Recipe 9 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman WW Note: This luxury is 22 points per cup. Ooft...If you sub out the maple syrup for sugar free syrup you can drop it to 19 points. This may not be an easy one! I love quick and easy recipes, don't you?? This is one… Continue reading Big Cluster Maple Granola Review

Essential Oils

Headaches, Rashes, Rosacea, Body Aches, Wound Care, and Seasonal Allergies.

Alright, so last Monday I posted about my new/novice adventures in essential oils and I said my plan was to focus on one oil a week, and try to maximize its usage, reporting back each week about how it went. That sounds great, doesn't it?! But...I realized that while I still want to do that.… Continue reading Headaches, Rashes, Rosacea, Body Aches, Wound Care, and Seasonal Allergies.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice

So, I recently joined the doTERRA community and became a wellness advocate. Another novice status I apparently want to add to my resume is essential oil guru in training! There is so much out there about essential oils and I'm very interested in what they can offer our family since my husband and I prefer… Continue reading Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice