Cooking Through A Cookbook Series

I decided many years ago (2014) that my New Years Resolution was going to be buying a cookbook and cooking my way through it one recipe at a time. It’s obviously quite a few years later and that New Years resolution did not exactly get completed that year.

After I got married in 2016 I decided to pick it back up and keep going. And since becoming a mom in 2017 I have a lot more time in the kitchen then I’ve ever had before. As of June 2019 I’ve completed the 6th chapter and finally into deserts!

Julie and Julia was absolutely the inspiration for such a fun undertaking and so I challenge you to the same kind of cookbook project! Find a cookbook that interests you, challenges you, makes you smile…or drool over…and dive in. It may be on your shelf or you may find “the one” at a local book store based on curb appeal only! No matter how you find it, find one and start your adventure. And let me know what you decided on!

I am all about a cookbook with pictures on every page. So, for this challenge I chose Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” because she is amazing at helping her readers get drawn in with her photos of every recipe. I also chose it because I can relate to her. She’s so much better at this whole blogging and cooking thing but she started at novice status too and that is very relateable.

I want to challenge myself with new recipes, working with new ingredients & kitchen utensils while growing skills as a blogger. I desire to approach this project with integrity and be sure to give credit where it is due. So, let me know if I’ve broken a blogging law/courtesy or if I copied someone else and wrongly claimed credit. I’m not much of an original and take inspiration from just about everything around me so chances are if you like something I’m doing I should be telling you who I got the idea from.

This list below is what I have accomplished so far! Follow along!

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Review Posts







Breakfast Chapter