6 Potty Training Must Havs

I feel like I have accomplished one of the greatest things as a parent and it's not really my accomplishment at all but rather my daughter's! Still bragging over here because I feel like I earned an invisible badge on my even more invisible mom vest! Potty training! Yes, here we sit on the other… Continue reading 6 Potty Training Must Havs

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Happy New Year…a tribute to 2018

I think a lot of times in life I find myself focused ahead... What's my next goal? What is the next benchmark to reach? What is the next thing to achieve? What's the next fun thing to plan? That means I'm sometimes bad at slowing down and reflecting. Don't get me wrong... I could sit… Continue reading Happy New Year…a tribute to 2018

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Enneagram & Marriage Counseling

Life's felt really full these past couple months. I haven't done much of life updates because it's been a blur...fun, enjoyable, hard and frustrating...full really does sum it up. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time listening to a few different podcasts on the Enneagram which is something my husband and I have… Continue reading Enneagram & Marriage Counseling