Resolution Recipe 14: Potato Frittata with Feta and Scallions

Another delicious morning with this handsome fella.

Our ingredients this morning were as shown above and thankfully nothing fancier then Feta cheese which I successfully purchased at Wal-Mart, ladies and gentlemen!

Believe it or not what was hard to find there was Yukon Gold Potatoes. I thought that would be a cake walk, but Wal-Mart is not perfect, this we know. Failure is inevitable.

I used my Dutch oven again because we still don’t have a cast iron skillet. Still working on that one. Still, no regrets for all the good uses I’ve gotten out of this heavy beast!

I have been habituated to get Nitrate free bacon after being pregnant so I’m happy to say Wal-Mart does have a few brands to offer those who want uncured or naturally cured bacon.

You’ve got to love the colors in this dish. I think I would have added some purple onion in too if I had thought about it. Potatoes and onion and bacon and cheese are never a disappointing combo.

My pictures seem to miss a few steps because we had a baby issue mid cooking and I got distracted, forgetting to take a few pictures of the assembly.

But I imagine you get the picture….. potatoes, layered with bacon, feta, and green onions….once or twice… topped with your eggs and cream/milk mixture and popped in the oven for a time until yummy breakfast goodness!

You can find the recipie along with a review of Perelman’s cookbook over at the Montreal Gazette. Or if you’re a Weight Watchers member I found an adaptation of her recipie for you with point values here on the Weight Watcher’s site.

It’s pretty delicious and probably one of my favorite breakfasts we’ve done yet!

Next recipie, I’ll have my sister joining me and helping in the kitchen. Of course it’s one of the less complicated ones that probably doesn’t require 2 people at all, but I’ll have another taster, which is always fun!

Try this one out guys…and get the cookbook so you can read her funny story about how this recipie came about.

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