Essential Oils


Life has been a tad busy as of late. I haven’t been able to post anything recently because of my job ending and the tasks and errends that seemed to go along with that as well as a few days of fun and family mixed in meant I didn’t have time like I wanted to sit down and write. And here’s the other thing. I don’t have a computer any more and that’s kind of a big deal if you’re trying to create posts. My work computer was my only computer because my personal one was stolen forever ago when I was living in Anaheim. I never bought another one because I thought I would never leave my job and what’s the point of spending the money if I already had one?

But I digress…

Back to the point of this post.

Teething…. it’s beginning to rear it’s ugly head. The new beginning for my daughter that was inevitable but yet seemed so far away…has… begun.

I’m being a tad dramatic because it’s not in full force yet but the hand chewing has been going on for awhile and she’s getting noticeably uncomfortable when she does it. She does this funny thing where she almost devours her hand then whines because she hurt herself, therefore removing her hand from her mouth, only to notice her hand again and excitedly put it back in her mouth and then hurting herself again and repeating the tortured cycle. I was watching her do this yesterday and cracking up while also trying to stop her from wounding herself anymore. Poor kiddo.

So what to use for teething?

I’ve had my eyes and ears open, collecting ideas for when the time came. I honestly haven’t done a ton of research because the last time I tried to do that with questions I had about sleeping was both helpful and overwhelming. The amount of information out there that contradicts itself with other thoughts from a different book or site is incredibly out of control. And that’s how I felt reading all if it. I hit a point where I had to stop and and just ask the Lord what I was supposed to do. I found that picking just one resource to start with was a good place to begin, while also being open to moving along to another sources of guidance if that initial decision was not helpful or fit my daughter’s needs and temperament.

So the current recommendation I’m trying for teething discomfort is using essential oils. I was told a combination of doTerra’s Cobaiba/Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Frankincense topped off with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rolled on the jaw should help with the discomfort. (Source:

If you’ve never used oils on little ones then please note that you need to dilute it in a carrier oil. I use the fracionated coconut oil but you can use others as well. You asking want to make sure the oils you are using are pure and not mixed with other things like chemicals. You’re looking for just one ingredient. You can shop around but I think doTerra’s process is one of the best for how they go about making the oil and I trust it’s use on my daughter.

To make this roller you can use either doTerra’s Roman Chamomile or Copaiba (2 drops) along with Lavender (1 drop), and Frankincense (1 drop).

Frankincense is used for the inflammation and also is the oil you can add to any blend to help amplify the use of other oils. Lavender is used for calming and pain. I’ve been told it works well rolled on the throat when it’s soar from sickness so it makes sense that it could be used for teething discomfort as well. Copaiba is a new oil from doterra. It is a powerhouse like Frankincense so ous great for inflammation, pain and calming.

So my roller is made and I’ll be using it as her needs arise. She seems a bit sensitive to lavender so I’ve been told to use Wild Orange for claiming if that is the case. I might remake this blend with that if it bothers her. I’ll report back as I see how it works!

If you’re also looking at different ways to care for your family andv want to try essential oils, you can purchase those through my site or sign up with an enrollment kit to receive the wholesale discount as you grow your collection.

Ask questions if you have them about shopping and I’ll do what I can to help.

Happy shopping!

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