Essential Oils

Headaches, Rashes, Rosacea, Body Aches, Wound Care, and Seasonal Allergies.


Alright, so last Monday I posted about my new/novice adventures in essential oils and I said my plan was to focus on one oil a week, and try to maximize its usage, reporting back each week about how it went. That sounds great, doesn’t it?!

But…I realized that while I still want to do that. I didn’t get around to it because I found myself distracted to find cures for the other physical stuff that came up like seasonal allergies, muscle soreness, headaches, rosacea flare ups, and rashes.

Instead of using just the one for the week, I found myself using multiple other oils to help our family try to replace the medicines we regularly use.

So here’s how the week went.

Problem 1: Headache/Dehydration

Early in the week I ended up with a rough headache that I concluded was either a legitimate headache or actually dehydration. I looked up a remedy for headaches and was told a combination of Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint diluted in a carrier oil (I’m using fractionated coconut oil [FCO]) and rolled on the forehead/temples/neck should help.


I don’t think it worked for me. I’m used to taking Alieve and it knocking it out in 15 min which I ended up giving into after about an hour of hoping the oils would work. I am not giving up on using oils for headaches because we did have success using them with other stuff that came up this week. I just don’t think that combination worked well for me. Or maybe it was actually dehydration and we all know what is needed to cure that :)

Problem 2Post Pregnancy Body Itching Flare Up

On Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment for a follow up to a terrible itch I have been dealing with on my legs, arms and stomach after my pregnancy. It has been bothering me for the past 2-ish months. I originally saw my primary doctor then I spoke with my OB at my 6 week follow up and finally my chiropractor. The feedback was a little mixed from suggesting it was hormones regulating or anesthesia still left in my body or maybe even a problem for which I needed to see a dermatologist. I’ve been taking Zyrtec, using creams, taking epsom salt baths, hot showers, using supplements, and just about anything else that people told me to try.

Nothing really made it go away, it just sort of helped the itching calm for a short while before it reared up again, often just minutes later. I was also creating wounds on my body from all the scratching which I was hoping to give some attention to with oils as well. I thought slathering myself in Neosporin was one idea, but also kind of awful. Sadly, which the itching seemed to be under control the past week and a half, it started back up again on my legs this week. Oils to the rescue…?? I wasn’t so sure.

I read that the solution for itching as well as wound care was connected to Lavender essential oils. So, I made up a roller, diluted in FCO with about 26 drops (recommendation was 15-30 drops) of Lavender.

Results: It worked! Guys the itching stopped almost immediately like nothing else I’ve tried. I had to apply it again later on so we’re not talking miraculous healing, but to calm the itching quicker than anything else I’ve tried and knowing that it was going to help heal my skin made me feel really hopeful with these oils. I’m still a bit of a sceptic even though I’m all signed up to start a business and should be convinced already! But this success was a real win for EO’s in the May household :)

Problem 3Seasonal Allergies

Back to the doctor’s appointment. Wednesday my itching hadn’t flared up yet, so I let my doctor know about some ear issues I was having, hoping she might be able to tell me if I had an ear infection.  She saw fluid behind the ear drums, but none that was infections or worrisome. She also found the same issue in my nose and concluded I had seasonal allergies.


She gave me a prescription for Flonase and told me to take the allergy medicine I had been taking. Honestly, the thought of being on more medicine really bummed me out. Before this pregnancy I was only ever given one prescription for something other than antibiotics and since pregnancy the list of prescriptions feels so much longer. Sooooo…I thought…let’s see about oils for seasonal allergies. I read about one way to treat allergies was diffusing doTERRA’s Breath proprietary blend.


I think it’s helping….my nose has cleared up quite a bit and my ear isn’t really giving me issues as much. The dizziness is my indicator to help me determine how my ear was doing and the dizzy has definitely gotten better. I’m honestly not diffusing it all the time like I would prefer because I have Ellie around. Breath has Peppermint in it and I found out this week that Peppermint is not one of the oils that is super friendly to newborn respiratory systems. I’ve heard that it’s a little better to use if it’s in a blend like Breath, but I still want to check on that. I have a call with my doTERRA coach on Thursday afternoon so I’ll ask her my questions about oils with babies.

All that to say, I’m still diffusing other oils that are meant to be good at cleaning the air and are baby safe (Wild Orange or Lemon) so my hope is that it will still help my system out.

Problem 4: Sore muscles from physical activity

My husband and I have been anywhere but home the past few weeks which means that household chores and piddly tasks have been ignored and piling up. This was our weekend to get stuff done. He needed to get his laundry caught up for me so I could stay on top of the small batches again. He also needed to organize his closet, finish building Ellie’s changing table, fix the printer, prep his humidor, and help me with getting the fall decorations out of the garage.  I needed to work on cleaning up my closet, collecting stuff for a Goodwill donation, grocery shopping for the week, putting up fall decorations, working on baking and taking pictures for the next recipe in my “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” blog series, and using up some of our Blue Apron recipes for lunch and dinner.

Needless to say, we had lots to do and the only breaks we took were stopping to eat or feed Ellie. By the end of the day we were tired and our muscles were letting us know we were not in shape. I was sitting on the couch and feeling miserable and wishing I had made some time for Pilates that day when I thought about the Deep Blue blend. I’ve been told it’s the best one out there for muscle aches and it came in my starter kit. So, off to my oils I went and I researched how to make a roller. I did 15 drops of Deep Blue and 10 of Frankincense topped off with FCO.


We felt better almost right away. I rolled it on my back and hips and he rolled it around his lower back. I felt like I could stand up better and the muscle pain really dimmed.

Full disclosure, I did end up taking Alieve before I went to bed because I knew in the morning I would feel better, but my husband just used the oil. We both felt much better in the morning and even later into Sunday.

I haven’t used it again since and some of the pain is back. But one thing I’m learning is that the more consistently we use them the better they are going to work. I think in my head they are supposed to work like medicine where you take it once and you’re good for a few hours. I’m realizing there’s a little bit of a different commitment with oils that require you to be using them every 30 min or hour (depending on the oil and the way you choose to use it). However, the benefit is having an all natural solution so that you’re not having to use medicine to feel better.

Problem 5: Rosacea Flare Up

I think I’ve had rosacea (I’m self diagnosing) for a few years. I haven’t seen a dermatologist and with all the skin issues I’ve had recently I really need to.  I know there are medicines out there a dermatologist is going to prescribe but I can’t imagine what those are going to cost us. Oils seemed worth trying for this week since the bumps and redness I get on my face seemed to be worse. I researched treatments for rosacea and a few ideas were mentioned, but the one I tried was using Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil on my face, neat (undiluted) and after 30 min, washing my face to remove with warm water.


It worked for the bumps on my face really well. I tried it a couple times this week and it did the trick. The redness is still there, so I’m wondering now if it’s just consistency that’s the key. I’m going to try and use it in the morning and evening to see if that helps.


So, that’s our week with Oils! Not so much to say about Lemon EO but for the little bit about diffusing it. I’ve found there’s quite a bit to say on the Lemon EO so I am looking forward to sharing what I enjoy about it in the future.

Next week I’ll give an update on how our oil use is going, what else we’ve tried to cure with oils and what’s in our diffuser lately. And eventually I’ll get to the goal of having an oil a week post. For now, there’s too much I’m learning not to stop and share!

Thanks for reading this far! If you’re at all interested in learning more about oils with me, feel free to check out my doTERRA page for more information and the shopping and other fun stuff. If you decide you want to sign up and join me in the journey you can use my doTERRA ID which is 5058751.


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