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Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice


So, I recently joined the doTERRA community and became a wellness advocate. Another novice status I apparently want to add to my resume is essential oil guru in training!

There is so much out there about essential oils and I’m very interested in what they can offer our family since my husband and I prefer to try and rough out our ailments instead of treat them with medicine.

Mind you, neither one of us is opposed to medicine at all! In fact if you were to look in our medicine cabinet you would see a number of prescriptions for myself and him, covering symptoms of heartburn, anxiety, vertigo, high blood pressure (post pregnancy fun), among other stuff like Tylenol, Alieve, Motrin, etc.

So we’re not anti meds…let’s start there.

We do however find essential oils appealing because of their natural qualities and the many testimonies of helpful results from users. It makes sense to me that God would give us what we need to care for the bodies He gave us and natural remedies seem preferable to other options when they are available.

So, here’s the laundry list of ailments or issues we have in the family that I have on my mind when I think about using essential oils at home:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heartburn
  • Bad Breath/Gut health
  • Weight loss
  • Vertigo
  • Mood Swings
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Sore Muscles
  • Seasonal Colds/Flus, etc.
  • Tiredness/Sleep Apnea

I’m sure this list is actually longer, but we’ll start here and go from there.

Here’s the plan. I have a handful of oils that I got when signing up. I’m going to try and share with you an oil a week and all the things I’ve learned about its uses and benefits. Here are a few ways that I might be using the oils:

  1. Aromatically
  2. Topically (with a carrier oil)
  3. Internally (to be done carefully)

Some of the ways this may happen include:

  • Diffusing
  • Rubbing on hands and inhaling scent
  • Rubbing/rolling onto specific areas of the body or areas of irritation
  • Adding to food
  • Putting into capsules

One of the fun things about oils that will apply to this blog is their uses in cooking and baking for flavor. I’m looking forward to using a few of the recipes that doTERRA offers along with some Pinterest finds to include on the blog.

TAKE CAUTION….I’m still learning about these oils and if you’re a novice like me, please do research before jumping into using essential oils! I’m learning as much as I can about how to use these well since we have an infant in the house and I know that some oils are not safe to use for or around kiddos. I also know some need to be use with extreme caution because of their potency.

ALSO NOTE…Not all oils can or should be used topically or taken internally because of the various negative reactions. If you have any serious conditions like poor blood clotting or epilepsy, PLEASE do your research before using oils because some of the oils can be harmful to you if you’re not careful.

LASTLY…photosensitive oils are very important to be aware of. Photosensitive means that when used topically, you need to use caution when in the sun since using photosensitive oils before going in the sun can cause burns and redness on the skin. This, again, is very important to be aware of when using photosensitive oils with children.

I say none of that to scare EO users or users to be, but want to be sure I impart wisdom I’ve collected recently to keep people using EOs safely. If you have information that is different from what I’ve shared, I would love to hear it or read it if you have a reference. Again, I’m learning and using caution so any and all information is helpful right now.

Besides those fine print details, I have to say that this oil journey will be a lot of fun for me! Stay tuned for my weekly posts about oils, how I’ve been using them and how they work for my family!

If you’re at all interested in shopping for doTerra Essential Oils, you can visit my site to shop. If you’re at a place where you want to sign up to either be a wellness advocate like me or you just want the company discount of 25%, then feel free to use my doTERRA ID #Β 5058751Β at sign up. You’ll help me out in this business growing venture and you’ll totally benefit from the discount.

Until next Monday’s EO update!

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