I became a mom 12 weeks ago and it has been amazing and hard and gloriously transformative and I don't think I really understand it all. But I love it. A lot. It was a hard start for me. I had the Baby Blues kick in for me about 4 days after I had my… Continue reading #momlife

Essential Oils

Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice

So, I recently joined the doTERRA community and became a wellness advocate. Another novice status I apparently want to add to my resume is essential oil guru in training! There is so much out there about essential oils and I'm very interested in what they can offer our family since my husband and I prefer… Continue reading Essential Oils & doTERRA Novice

Event Recaps

La Mirada, Riverside, Cambria, Petaluma…oh my

This past June, my husband David and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. That feels like a big deal to me in a lot of ways but the first year really did fly by quickly since we had so much going on and adjustment like crazy. We got married at a golf club in La… Continue reading La Mirada, Riverside, Cambria, Petaluma…oh my