Christmas of cooking!

This is the Christmas of cooking supplies!!! I was blessed with gifts that are going to help me in the kitchen and I can’t wait to use them. My bestest friend Jamie, knows how much I want to go to Italy so she is always good about getting me gifts that involve Italian cookbooks, food or gadgets.

This year she bought me a pizza stone and a cookbook with 100 different pizza recipes. I think I’ve decided that I want to cook through that cookbook and put it on here. I LOVE pizza and would love to get good at making it. Should be an interesting process since I’ve never owned a pizza stone or made pizza dough from scratch. But what’s a “novice cook diary” if I didn’t have something to write about. You’ll get to watch my successes and failures through the cookbook and hear a few yummy recipes for pizza you can make yourself. Get excited!! I love making bread so pizza dough should be easy…right?

My brother-in-law Phil had me in the gift exchange this year and I mostly had kitchen gadgets on my list this year. He did REALLY good and bought me a knife block and a toaster oven, which our kitchen is without. I miss having a toaster oven to just heat up leftovers or broil a few things. So, I’m excited for the mini luxury…not pun intended….and having sharp knives is going to be AWESOME! It’s so nice to own a few nice kitchen things for once. I usually never buy myself these kinds of things because I don’t really want to worry about them being taken care of in a kitchen of 5 cooks so this is a real treat! I may not be very great about sharing my knives :)

My parents ended up getting me and gift that I have been wanting for work, but always felt like it was a little silly. I’m not a coffee drinker but I LOVE ice tea :) So I’ve always wanted an ice tea maker for work.
We have a small refrigerator at work that I never really wanted to use to keep the ice tea cold since it would take up too much room in that little thing. So, I thought the ideal set up would be a little fridge and the ice tea maker. And that is exactly what they got me! I’m so excited to start making ice tea at work!! No need to buy drinks at the Talon any more!!!

Anyways, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas…let me know what foodie gifts you got!!

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