Italian Sausage and Squash Soup

“Silky, chunky, sweet, and spicy – this autumnal soup with an Italian accent is full of texture and flavor contrasts, yet is surprisingly simple to make. It’s a spectacular tribute to the season’s abundance of golden butternut squash.”  Definitely their words…not mine! But it draws you in to the recipe doesn’t it?! My mom made this…

BBQ Chex Mix…yes please!

So, I love bbq…we’ve established that. And what better way to get that bbq flavor any time you want then to make up a chex mix that is easy to munch! My first attempt at making this recipe was a few years back from a Super Bowl party at home. I did it in the…

The Easiest Way to Ice a Cake

Here’s another one. Very helpful for the next time I make a cake. I actually don’t think I’ve ever made a cake like this so it may be in a post to come!

Alternate Uses for Food Items from…Real Simple Magazine

I love Real Simple Magazine and figured I would make a point to share some of these fun tips that they send out in their newsletter. I always forget them so if I post them here, I have no reason to :) If you would like to subscribe to their newsletter you can click here….

Chips, Dips, Goat Cheese and Crackers!

I feel like that title needs to end with an “Oh My!”. Just like Wizard of Oz…this was another adventure in cooking….okay that’s hammy I know, but a nice segway, don’t you think?!? I made this meal up last Sunday before my room mate came home and our cinnamon roll baking experience began…(to follow in…